I have multiple locations or multiple workstations, how can do configure StarShipIT?

We handle multi workstations & locations by using child accounts, they are available on Professional and Enterprise only.

You have 3 different type of child accounts. Every type of child accounts corresponds to a different kind of use.

Type of child account

  • Multi WorkStation.
  • Multi Location.
  • 3PL Client Account.


Multi WorkStation.

Multi-Workstation logins are used when you have a single site but wish for several users to have their own individual access to StarshipIT. This allows each user to have their own unique printer setup.

Multi-Workstation users can only access two settings pages: Address Book and Printing. They will inherit the Address Book entries from the parent account, as well as other settings such as Carriers, Email Notification settings, and Package Sizes.

The Multi workstation must be used to manage two different printers. A workstation is not required if you have only one printer, two computer can use the same printer. 


You need to set up your first printer to the Parent account(http://support.starshipit.com/hc/en-us/articles/206359136-Printing-Setup). When it's done Go to Settings>Child Account>Add User.

We recommend using an Email address for the UserName. enter the password twice and select Multi-WorkStation.

When created, override the newly created child account and go to settings:

In the settings of the WorkStation, you will find the Printing Parameters. Set-up your second printer there.

You should now have two logins: your main account plus the workstation login. each login corresponds to a different printer.

Multi Location.

Multi-Location logins are used when you have either multiple business locations that need to ship, or you ship on behalf of multiple businesses and wish to bill shipping costs to their courier accounts.

Multi-Location users function almost entirely separately to the parent account in that they have their own address, carriers, package sizes, printer settings and address book (although they can share this with the parent if needed). They cannot create integrations or customize notification emails.

Here the steps you need to follow to add a new location to your existing StarshipIt account.

Go to Settings>Child Accounts> Add User.

Enter a username, a password, select Multi Location Account radio button and save

From now you need to add the information relative to your new shop: Pickup Address, Courier details, Printing parameters.

Pickup Address: Go to Settings>Pickup Address  

Couriers details: For Fastway and Australia Post you need to get from them new login details. for the other courier company you can just copy and paste the information in Settings>Carrier.

Printing Parameter: You need to set up the printer of the new location.  

At this moment, you should have two logins one for you main location and another for your new shipping location.

3PL Client Account.

 You are a Third Party Logistic and some of your customers are online retailers. you can use StarShipIT to import automatically all the orders from those customers.

Every one of your customers will be set to an independent child account and from the parent account, you will be able to easily swap between this accounts.

You need to have one account on the professional plan to start setting up child accounts for your customers. (this account doesn't have to be set up.)

To create a 3PL child account, go to Settings> Child account.

Enter the Username and Password and select the radio button 3PL Client Account.

Every account has to be set independently.

  1. Pickup address - Set the address of your warehouse
  2. Integration - http://support.starshipit.com/hc/en-us/categories/201331886-Integrations
  3. Carrier settings - You need to enter the different information about your courier companies.
  4. Printing Parameters - http://support.starshipit.com/hc/en-us/articles/206359136-Printing-Setup


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