How to do a "partial” shipment

You don't have the stock to completely fulfill an order but you still want to partially send this order to you customer.

To achieve that you can do a “partial shipment”. You can edit the order content that you want to ship.

For example, this order which contains several items.

If you don't want to ship the shoes, you just need to untick the item on the list:

If you don't want to Ship the entire quantity of an item in the order: you want to ship only 2 golf ball out of 4, you can edit the quantity shipped.


Then you just need to print your label, as usual, one part of the order will go to Printed section and the rest of the items will be saved in unshipped section as a new order for you to fulfil later. The new “unshipped” order will have the same order number as the original (Printed) order.

NOTE: The order in your E-commerce platform will be also partially shipped, it will get the partial Shipped status and only the items shipped will be updated. 

However not all the E-commerce platform support partial shipment, If your E-commerce platform doesn't support Partial shipping the totality of the order will be updated when you print the first label.


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