Rules based on the shipping method.

The Shipping Method or Shipping Description is a variable imported by StarShipIT from your Ecommerce platform. This variable contains which Shipping method your customer have selected during the check-out. 

 StarShipIT can use this information to select a specific carrier and a product code. : your customer select Startrack. the shipping method is "Startrack_Exp" You need to set up a rule: If Shipping Method = Startrack_Exp set up Startrack and the product code EXP.

How to know the shipping method for a particular order.

Open an order from the Unshipped section and open the Shipping tab. On the every order, in the right top corner the Shipping Methode is displayed; the second line is the Shipping Description.


How to set-up the rule:

  • Go to Settings>Rules
  • Select Shipping Method.
  • Copy and past the Shipping method you got in the previous step
  • Select Carrier & Service Code
  • And select the Carrier and service you want in the example: Australia Post Standard.




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