How do I get my Account Number, API Key and API Secret from Australia Post/Startrack?

If you need help or need to be run through this process you can contact Australia post Service Desk by email: or by phone 03 91067232 or 02 8755 9417

Getting Started

In order to integrate your Australia Post account with StarShipIT, you need to generate API key and API secret in the developer centre of Australia post 

This process includes 2 steps, in the first step you will register your interest for the API services and in the second step you will generate your API key and activate the 

To generate the API key and secret you need to know:

  • Australia Post account number (eParcel) or your Startrack account number

NOTE: To use this integration, you will need to have an Australia Post Business Credit Account and an eParcel Contract.

If you do not yet have an account, please email to indicate your interest. In your email, please mention that the digital platform you are using is "StarShipIT".


1. Register your interest

In the first step, you will create an account in the Australia Post Centre and register your interest.

  • Go to
  • Complete the information and click "Create Account"
  • Login to your freshly created account
  • Select "Register your interest today"
  • Complete with your Startrack account or your Australia Post account
  • Select the different checkbox (see screenshot)
  • And send your request

The first step is now completed, you must wait for the Australia Post email to start the second step. (it usually takes 24h) 


2. Generate your API keys

StarTrack: For Startrack users the API key and secret will be send by email directly, you don't need to complete the second step, if you use Startrack and Australia post you must complete the second step for Australia Post.

NOTE: Before starting the second step you should have received the API invitation in your email box. if you haven't received it in the 24h preceding the completion of the first step please check your junk box or contact

In the second step you will create a project, Generate the API keys for this project and activate the API services.

1. You need to start by creating a new project

  • Click on Project, Create New Project. (if Project is not visible, wait for the confirmation email from Auspost.)
  • Add a project name and select your organisation
  • Click Create project.



2. Generate the API keys

  • Click on API Access>Create a Key.
  • Enter a Key nickname and enter a Secret.
  • Click on create a key.

3. To finish you need to activate the different services of the API.

  • Click on Services.
  • Turn all the services on for the newly created project.
  • Click Update.

4. Send the information to StarShipIT

Send the following information to

  • API Key
  • Secret
  • eParcel account number
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