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Request your Australia Post Eparcel/Startrack API key

1. Requirement

You must have an Eparcel account with Australia post. You can create one Here

You must have a Developer Centre account. Register Here


2. Apply for access to the Shipping and Tracking API.

  • Log in the Developer Centre with your account, and go to
  • On Shipping and Tracking click Register your interest today 
  • Enter your eParcel account and your Startrack account, tick all the options and click next.



3a. Startrack will send you the keys by email directly

3b. Eparcel: Create a Project in your Developer Centre.

Warning: You need to wait for the confirmation email before starting step3.

  • Click on Project, Create New Project. (if Project is not visible, wait for the confirmation email from Auspost.)
  • Add a project name and select your organisation
  • Click Create project.


4. Create the API Key.

  • Click on API Access>Create a Key.
  • Enter a Key nickname and enter a Secret.
  • Click on create a key.

5. Enable API Services.

  • Click on Services.
  • Turn all the services on for the newly created project.
  • Click update.


6. Send the information to StarShipIT.

Send the following information to

  • API Key
  • Secret
  • eParcel account number
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