Text notifications

StarShipIT can send text messages to your customer to notify them about the delivery status of their parcel. You can choose which delivery status the text will be sent, and the content of the message.


1. Select on which status you want to send an email.

StarShipIT can manage a different text message for each different delivery status. StarShipIt will trigger an email only for the checked status.

  • Go to Settings>Customer notification.
  • Enable the checkbox of the different status.
  • Click Save.


 2. Edit the Text Message template

  • Go to Settings>Customer Notification
  • Click on "SMS Template"
  • Once in the editor, you can modify the email template as required.



3. Use the StarshipIT Variable.

Use StarShipIT variables to personalise your email and include information about the order- Tracking number, Tracking URL)

See below the description of the different Variables:

  • Recipient name: The name of your customer 
  • OurRef: Sender's reference (e.g. sales order number)
  • TheirRef: Addressee's reference (e.g. purchase order number)
  • Carrier Name: The carrier used to ship the parcel 
  • Tracking number: Tracking number associated with the parcel
  • Tracking URL Tracking URL associated with the parcel 
  • Compagnie Name: You Compagnie name
  • Telephone: Your Telephone Number


4. activate your SMS account.

  • Go to Setting>Customer Notification>SMS Template>View Account.
  • Enter your credit card details and save.
  • Enter a credit amount and click Add Credit.

An SMS will be sent until the credit balance is positive

5. Important Note

Many e-commerce platforms (including Magento) include notification options that email customers when the status of their order has been updated.  If you have opted to write-back the status to your e-commerce platform, you may need to consider whether your customers are receiving duplicate notifications and then to enable/disable notifications, as required.

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