Australia Post - Update to Signature on Delivery

On the 2nd of April 2017, Australia Post will update its Signature on Delivery options.

This description is taken from the Australia Post communication:

"From 2 April 2017 we’ll be making some changes to the signature service in Parcel Post and Express Post. One of the current options that requires a signature on delivery (unless the receiver chooses otherwise) will now default to signature with authority to leave. We will still capture a signature whenever your customer is home. If not, then customers of freestanding residences who have a safe place to leave the parcel will have their parcel delivered and a picture will be taken of where we have left it. This will be made available to you via* ."

To reflect these changes we will be making the following changes:

1. Signature Required will be removed as an option.

2. Safe Drop will be added as an option and this will be on by default.

Note: Authority to Leave will remain unchanged.

ACTION: Australia Post have asked the Safe Drop be enabled by default, if you want to turn Safe Drop off and enforce a signature, then please update this option under Settings > Australia Post > Safe Drop (see screen shot below). Otherwise no action is required.




Here is how this new options will work (again this is taken from the Australia Post communication):


Find here the document from Australia Post. Here

If you have any questions please contact our support via email and we will make sure that your account is set-up correctly.


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