Overview - Rules

StarShipIT can apply rules to your orders when they are imported. 

A StarShipIt rule includes one condition and one action. an infinite number of rules can be set-up however only one condition per rule can be set.

The rules are applied to the orders only when they are imported in StarShipIt, that means it you modify a rule you will have to remove and reimport your orders.

Here the list of the Condition:

  • All Orders
  • Destination Country Name
  • Destination Country Code
  • Destination Post Code - AU
  • Destination Post Code - NZ
  • Order Value
  • Order Weight
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Description

Here is the list of the actions:

  • Assign To Another Account
  • Import Order
  • Set Authority To Leave
  • Set Carrier & Service Code
  • Set Carrier When No Fastway Services
  • Set Order Value
  • Set Signature Required
  • Split Packages By Order Item Quantity
  • Split Packages By Order Weight

Please have a look at the other Articles, for further examples of rules.





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