CSV Import via FTP

1. Getting Started

For Customers using eCommerce Platforms that do not allow intergration with StarShipIT, we can offer a work around.

Once set-up StarShipIT will automatically import CSV files from an FTP server.

The CSV file will be downloaded from your server and the shipments information will be written back to your server after printing.

2. Set-up your CSV file template in StarShipIT

The first step is to set-up your CSV template in StarShipIT. We recommend you test your CSV file template by doing a manual import first and then start using the FTP server.

All the information on how to setup your CSV template can be found HERE

3. Set-up your FTP server in StarShipIT

You will then need to enter the connection information about your FTP server:

  • Go to Settings>Integration>Add New>CSV FTP.
  • Enter the address of your server and port.
  • Enter the FTP user credentials.
  • Click Test Connection.
  • Click Save.

Note: StarShipIT will automatically create 3 folders: IN, OUT, HISTORY. The folder can be created independently, however, the name of the folders are case sensitive.


3. Import your orders and get the tracking information.

Once your server is added to StarShipIT you will have 3 folders:

  • IN contains the CSV files that need to be imported. Once the file has been imported in StarShipIT it will be moved to HISTORY.
  • HISTORY contains all the CSV files that have been imported into StarShipIT.
  • OUT contains the tracking information of the printed orders:  Tracking Number, Order Number, Customer name, Courier company, Tracking URL. One file will be created per order.


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