TNT Set-up

1. Request your account activation:

The first step for using TNT is to enable your electronic account with TNT. StarShipIT can do this for you. All you need is to send the following information to

  • Customer account number:
  • Customer Name:
  • Customer Address Line 1:
  • Customer Address Line 2:
  • Customer Suburb:
  • Customer State:
  • Customer Postcode:
  • Customer Contact Name:
  • Customer Phone Number:
  • Customer Email:
  • Services list:

StarShipIT will contact TNT on your behalf and get your TNT account ready to be used in StarShipIT


2. Enter your TNT details in StarShipIT

  • Go to Settings>Carrier>Add Courier>TNT.
  • Tick Enable.
  • Enter your account number.
  • and Save.


3. Add your product codes

  • Click on add product code
  • Enter the product code and the product name
  • Click on save. 
  • Repeat these actions for all of the product codes.




4. List of TNT products codes:

Service Code Service Description
76 Road Express
75 Overnight Express
73 Overnight PAYU Satchel
712* 9:00 Express
EX10* 10:00 Express
EX12* 12:00 Express
718 Fashion Express
701 National Same day
717 /B* Premium / Sensitive Express


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