How do I set-up Direct Printing?

You can print labels, packing slips and documentation directly to your printers by installing the printing client.

Please follow the steps below to set-up the print client:


1. Download and Install the Print Client

  • Go to Settings>Printing
  • Download Windows or Mac version StarShipIT Print Client
  • Install the setup file on Windows or drag-and-drop PrintClient icon to Applications Folder on Mac


2. Connect the Print Client

  • Run the Print Client application on your computer

  • Enter the authorization code from the Printing / Print Settings page

  • Select the printer that you would like to use for printing shipping labels

  • You can open Print Client from the system menu bar

  • If you can see your account details with "Connected" status when you open the Print Client that means your Print Client has been configured successfully.


3. Check Default Print Settings

  • Go to Settings>Printing
  • Make sure you have a Default print settings


Your Print Client is now set-up and you are ready to print the shipping labels.

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