Advanced Print Settings

The advanced print settings allow you to assign a particular label to a specific printer on your computer.

 In the following steps, I will assign Picking slips to print out via my A4 printer:


1. Assign Label Type to the Print Client

The first step is to assign a label type (in this example the "Packing Slip") to the computer where the Print Client is installed.

  • Go to Settings>Printings>Advanced Settings
  • Select "Add Print Settings"
  • Select the Label Type ("Packing Slip" in this example)
  • Select the Format
  • Select "Print Client" for the Print Method
  • Select the Computer/Machine name that the Print Client is running on
  • Click Save Settings


2. Assign Printer to the Label Type in the Print Client

The second step has to be done in the PrintClient

  • Open the Print Client
  • Go to the Printers Tab.
  • Select the "Packing Slip" Label Type
  • Select the printer name that you would like to print the Packing Slip (e.g. Brother MFC-9140CDN)
  • Click Assign


3. Check Paper Size and Orientation

You need to check if the page parameter corresponds to the printer and the page loaded in the printer.

  • Click on the Label Type and Printer
  • Check the Paper Size (in this example, we will use A4 for Packing Slip)
  • Click Save Settings



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