How do I set-up live rates at checkout if I'm an INXpress customer?

As an INXpress customer, you can have live rates at checkout in StarShipIT. All you need is to request access to the INXpress API.

To request access you need to contact your INXpress account manager. Your INXpress account manager will provide you with a Username and a Password.

Once you have your username and password, you can enter this information into StarShipIT.

1. Enter your INXpress API Username and Password in StarShipIT

  • Go to Settings>Carrier>Add Courier>INXPress
  • Select Enable INXpress
  • Complete the Username and Password
  • Save



2. Troubleshooting

I have added my INXpress details but the live rates at checkout are not coming through.

  1. Check the credentials with INXpress
  2. Contact StarShipIT support.
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