CSV Frequently asked Questions

Are all of the columns required?

What is item name if there are multiple items in an order?
You will create a different line for each item with the same Order Number.

What units are expected in the weight field?

Please supply a valid list of values for the Shipping method field.
You can add any sting you want in the shipping method field.
You will define witch Shipping method matchs with witch Carrier product Code in the Rules (I.e Settings>Rules)


To setup StarshipIt (once only):
Login to StarshipIt
Click Settings (top right)
Click 'CSV Format'
Set Column Numbers as per attachment
To export the shipping report:

NB. This also includes orders that aren't necessarily paid for yet, so please check the payment status before shipping. I have put the payment status in the "Reference" column in StarshipIt so you can see it there too.
Login to your website
Go to Reports -> Custom reports
Click 'Shipping Report'
Scroll to the bottom, select Export Report -> CSV
Save to your computer
To import your file into StarshipIt:

NB: There is an import button on the main page as well, but this doesn't do what you want to.
Login to StarshipIt
Click Settings (top right)
Click CSV or XLS Import
Click the first browse button (at the top)
Select the file you saved earlier
After import is complete, click the StarshipIt logo to get back you your main page

CSV Mail Import:

Try the CSV manually,

Register the mail address of the customer,

Ask the customer to send a test mail to orders@starshipit.co.nz


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