DHL Express Setup

For StarShipIT to access your DHL account we require your

  • DHL Account Number
  • XML-PI username
  • XML-PI password

If you do not have these credentials then please contact our support with your DHL account number or contact your DHL account manager saying you need your XML-pi access to use StarShipIT.

1. Enter you DHL credentials in StarShipIT
  • Go to Settings > Carriers > Add Courier > DHL Express.
  • Check the 'Enable DHL' checkbox.
  • Fill in your account number, username and password.
  • Click the save button at the bottom of the section.


2. Add your product codes
  • Click add new product codes
  • Complete the code and the name
  • Click 'Save'


Note: the most common product code for DHL express is P for worldwide international and N for domestic


3. Troubleshooting

--when I try to print I get an error message: Please provide a package description. You can set the generic description under Settings > Options

In Settings>option>Package Description you need to provide a general description of your products (Clothing, Cosmetic Product, Swimwear)

--when I try to print I get an error message: The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit.For assistance call DHL customer services representative.

Contact your account manager it seems there is an issue with your DHL account.


4. Order DHL Label

To order DHL label (100*200) request DHL here.

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