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DHL Express Setup

For StarShipIT to access your DHL account we require your account number, username and password and this give access tp your DHL XML-PI account.
If you do not have these credentials then please contact our support or DHL to request them.

To setup DHL:
To add your DHL integration just go to Settings > Carriers > Add Courier > DHL Express. Once you are in the DHL settings page, you must check the 'Enable DHL' check box. Then fill in your account number, username and password. Click the save button at the bottom of the section.

Setup Product Codes

Click the link to setup product codes. On this screen you can enter product codes that you use and select the default, normally for international shipments this will be WPX with the code is P.

Click 'Save' to save your information.

Multiple Account Numbers

Too add additional DHL Express accounts click Add enter the Name and Account Number and clickupdate

Advanced Settings

Here are some advanced settings you might want to modify when in the DHL settings page.

  • Unknown Sender - only use if you are sending from a third party
  • Use Staging URL - select this while testing your account
  • Sender Pays Duties and Taxes - defaults to off but if you want to pay duty for your customers then select this
  • Signature Required  - is on by default but if you have permission to deliver without a signature you can un-check this default.
  • Authority to leave - select this if all your packages can be left on the door step
  • Add insurance - select this if you want to add insurance
  • If all your packages Contain Batteries you can select this as a default
  • Use the Archive label if you are not using PLT and need to create this for the driver. It is simialr to reciept of the parcel and will be in the same format as the label but with only one barcode the driver will ask for this if you are not using PLT. 
  • E-mail Invoice or AWB - you have the option of either printing mulitiple copies of commercial invoices, or sending them to DHL electronically. You can make this selection here. If you are printing invoices select the number of invoices in the Number of Invoices field further on
  • Select Return generated labels from DHL is on by default
  • Hide logo on label  -select this if using labels with DHL logo already on them so you dont have 2 DHL logos
  • Use 6x4 sized labels - only select this if you have these sized labels
  • Use customer logo on label - you can add your logo to the label for DHL you will need to be on the professional plan or more
  • Use generic descriptions 
  • Number of Invoices - select the number of invoices you wish to print if you have chosen to print invoices


Do you need DHL labels ?

To order DHL label (100*200) request DHL here.

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