CourierPost Setup

To integrate Courier Post with StarShipIT, you need :

  • Courier Post Account Number
  • Courier Post Site ID
  • Courier Post an API key
  • Courier Post API secret

The first two should have been given by NZ Post when you openned your account. To obtain the last two you have two possibilities, You can either request them using the developper centre of NZ Post or by sending your account number and site ID to StarShipIT support

to request the APi key through the developper centre  you will have to provide commercial access to the APIs. Please complete the registration form about halfway down this page,, there is a "Register for Commercial Access" button that will take you to the form.

If you fill out the form, you will receive a verification email where you will have to confirm to access the APIs. Once you have verified the account, you will receive an API key from CourierPost within 24 hours. 


Send tour account number and Site ID to

1. Entrerring your Account information in StarShipIT

  • Go to Settings>Carrier>Add New>Courier Post
  • Tick Enable Courier Post
  • Complete, Account Number, SiteID, Client ID and Client secret with your account information
  • Select your location in the Loaction drodownt menu
  • Save


2. Test your account

To test if your account is valid and the different credential are corect you can use the Test button in StarSHipIT.

  • Go to Settings>Carrier>Courier Post Settings
  • Click on the Test Button


3. Troubleshooting:

- When I click test I get: Could not authenticate. Most likely your account has not been setup yet. Error message is: Error in getting access token: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized

--> Double check your credentials, if it's still happeneing contact

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