WooCommerce Integration

Getting Started

Woocommerce is the E-commerce plugging of WordPress, to integrate Woocomerce and Starshipit you need to complete two steps, the first one is to activate the REST API of Woocomnerce and generate you API keys, the second is to enter all the information from Woocommerce in StarShipIt


1. Generate you API key in Woocommerce.

In order to import orders from your store, StarShipIT needs some information which can be found in your store dashboard.

  • Enable WooCommerce REST API
  • WooCommerce -> Settings -> API Tab -> Tick Enable the REST API -> Save changes


  • Add Key in Keys/Apps area
  • WooCommerce -> Settings -> API Tab -> Click on Keys/Apps



  • Enter “ShipIT Integration” in the Description textbox
  • Select a User
  • Select “Read/Write” in the Permission drop-down list



  • Generate API Key
  • Copy Consumer Key and Secret and Paste them to StarShipIT WooCommerce Integration Settings.

3. Complete the integration details in StarShipIT

In the StarShipIT Main menu Click on Settings > Integration > Add New and select WooCommerce from the list.

  • Tick Enable Woocommerce
  • Select Use API (Recommended)
  • Select Version 2 
  • Enter your Store URL
  • Enter your Consumer Key
  • Enter your Consumer Secret
  • Enter your Status to Import
  • Select your Status to import
  • Click Save. 



Once you have completed the second step, go to the Shipments page. Click the 'Import' button and select WooCommerce, then select the number of days you wish to import. StarShipIT imports the orders that are marked 'Processing' in WooCommerce. 


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