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Overview: StarShipIT integrates with a number of services, but also operates brilliantly as a stand-alone application.
You can generate shipments from imported orders and/or from scratch. The latter is particularly useful in cases where integration is not an option, or for shipping items that are not entered into your e-commerce or accounting system (e.g. non-revenue items, catalogs, samples, returns etc.)

This article covers Shipping orders, Bulk shipping and creating orders from scratch.

Shipping Orders: 

To ship an order there are several requirements that need to be met before the order will ship.

  • Address Validation: Available here.
  • Courier service and Product code: Available here

Your order will then be ready to ship.

Shipping Individual orders: 

To ship an order you can either select the check-box to the far left of the orders entry in the shipping screen or you can double-click on the order itself to open it. Once selected or opened you can click the 'Print Shipping' button at the top right. This will generate a tracking number and shipping label for the order. The order will then be moved from the 'Unshipped' page to the 'Awaiting Dispatch' page.

Printed orders can be re-printed using the 'Re-Print' button at the top right when you double-click the order. Only orders that have had labels printed have access to this option. This is because the orders receive a tracking number when first printed. The re-print option allows you to print an additional copy of the label with out assigning a new tracking number to the order.

Once the order has had a label printed and it has moved to 'Awaiting Dispatch' you will be able to finalise the order by selecting the check-box for the order and clicking 'Tools' at the top right then selecting 'Dispatch/Manifest'. See below.

By Manifesting an order you will send through the information to your courier company for billing. This is the final stage in the shipping process but it is advised that you leave the orders in your account until you receive confirmation that the manifest has been received by your courier as you may have to re-manifest the order.

Bulk Shipping: 

Bulk shipping functions in a very similar way to shipping individual orders. The exception is that, instead of selecting a single order you would mark the check-boxes of several orders. When bulk shipping ensure that all of the orders you select are for the same courier service (though they do not all have to be the same product code. Once you have selected the orders click the 'Print Shipping' button at the top right just like above. The same method can be used for manifesting. Just select all of the orders you wish to manifest by clicking their check-boxes and the click 'Tools'->'Dispatch/Manifest' to manifest them together. All the selected orders will be entered into the same manifest.

Creating Manual Orders: 

To create a manual order click the 'New Order' button at the top right. You will be directed to the order detail screen for the new order. Enter a Customer name, address and contact details in the 'Destination' panel (it is suggested that you use the address lookup tool to ensure that the address is in the correct format). Next, in the 'Shipping' panel you can choose the courier and courier service just like above. In the 'Details' panel you can add the items for the order. ensure added items have a quantity and a monetary value. Also a total value is required in the 'Total Value' field at the bottom. See below.


With this complete, click 'Save' at the top right and you will be directed to the 'Unshipped' page. Your newly created order will be displayed alongside the other orders in that section. It can then be shipped just like any other order.

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