CouriersPlease Setup

To integrate Courier Please to your StarShipIt account you need to have an account with EDI if you haven't simply contact your courier please manager

To complete the steps you will need your Courier Please account number (9 digits), your dispatch ID, and the product code associated to your Courier Please account.

If you are missing one of those, please contact your Courier Please account manager or contact the StarShipIt support with your Account number.


1. Enter your Courier Please information in StarShipIT

  • go to Settings > Carriers > Add Courier > CouriersPlease
  • Tick enable Courier Please
  • complete the field with your courier please account number and product code
  • Click the save button at the bottom of the section.




2. Enter your Product Codes

CouriersPlease will provide different product codes based on the requirement of the customers and account eligibility. Product codes for shipments need to be updated here and these will be available on the ShipIT Shipment screen.

  •  Go to Setting>Courier>Courier please
  • Click on Add Product codes
  • Enter the Code and the name
  • Click Save


3. Troubleshooting

--My rates displayed in StarShipIt are incorrect

--> the rates are based on the product codes, please check with Courier Please if the product codes are correct.




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