How do I setup my credit card for payments

Process for setting up the payment for ShipIT customers:


Step 1: Go to 'Settings'->'Billing'->'Account'.

You can click the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser window.


Step 2: Enter your login details (If not logged in, system will ask for the username and the password), you will be taken to the required page.


Step 3: In the 'Plan information' section select the payment plan you wish to apply from the drop-down menu and enter you contact details. 

Click here to view a price list of the available plans.

The current plan you are utilising will be displayed at the top.

*If you are currently using ShipIT on a Trail Plan as soon you  click the Proceed button  your credit card payment will be processed

If you do enter your card details  and you still have some trial days left .These are added to you chosen plan.


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