Fastway Setup

Firstly request an API key from Fastway

Get your Fastways API key here

Send an email to containing:-

  • Your Company name
  • Fast Label login email address
  • API key

StarShipIT will send this information to Fastway to get your account activated, once this has been done we will notify you


Alternatively you can follow the below steps to activate and set up Fastway yourself

1. Enter your API details

In your StarShipIT account, go to Settings > Carriers > Add Courier > Fastway

Select the enable Fastway check-box

When your API key is created, a User ID is also created in the Fastway system. You need to enter the User ID into StarShipIT along with the API key

If you know Your API key but not your User ID, we have a lookup feature on the Fastway settings page to make this easier. Simply click 'Get Users For Key' to find your user key. Click Save.

 If your account does not have the correct privileges activated you may receive this error

To solve this send an email to (for Australia) or (For New Zealand) and request that your account be accessable. Once they reply, go back to the integration page and click 'Get users for key' again.

If successful, the result should look like this.

Copy the ID (shown by the red arrow) into the User ID box and click 'Save'

2. Add the product codes.

To complete the Integration you will need to add in your Product codes.The available product codes are the following.

Parcel = 1
Satchel A2 = 4
Satchel A3 = 5
Satchel A4 = 6
Satchel A5 = 7
Small Flat Rate Parcel = 16
Medium Flat Rate Parcel = 17
Large Flat Rate Parcel = 18
e.g. You want to add the product "Parcel"
  • Go to Settings>Carrier> Fastway Settings
  • Click add product code
  • Enter the information and save.



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