NZ Post Setup

The New Zealand Post integration includes the international services only If you are looking for Domestic services you need to use Courier Post.

To integrate NZ Post with StarShipIT, you need :

  • NZ Post Account Number
  • NZ Post Site ID
  • NZ Post an API key
  • NZ Post API secret

The first two should have been given by NZ Post when you opened your account. To obtain the last two you have two possibilities, You can either request them using the developer centre of NZ Post or by sending your account number and site ID to StarShipIT support

to request the API key through the developer centre,  you will have to provide commercial access to the APIs. Please complete the registration form about halfway down this page,, there is a "Register for Commercial Access" button that will take you to the form.

If you fill out the form, you will receive a verification email where you will have to confirm to access the APIs. Once you have verified the account, you will receive an API key from CourierPost within 24 hours. 


Send tour account number and Site ID to

1. Add your account details in StarShipIT

Go to Settings>Carrier>add new>NZ Post> Options tab

Tick Enable NZ post

Complete only your Account number

Tick "Print International Labels using API"



Go To the New API tab.

Complete the two first line with you StarShipIT Password and StarShipIt Username

Complete the API fields with your API information

Click Save.


2. Test your Account

In the New API tabs you will find a Test button, Press this button if it returnaccount valid you are good to go.

Note: You will find a Teast account link on the option tab. This will not work.



3. Add new Product codes

  • Go to Settings>Carrier>NZ Post Setting>Option Tab
  • Select your new Product Code in the Dropdown menu
  • Click Add
  • The new product code is now added.


4. Troubleshooting

-- The test return invalid account.

Please contact your



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