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eBay Integration

To integrate with eBay:

1) In the ShipIT Main menu Click on Settings > Integration > Add New and select eBay from the Add Integration List. You will be directed to the eBay settings page.

2) ShipIT has to be authorized by eBay before you can start using it. Once you are on the eBay settings page, click the Enable checkbox at the top of the page, then click the update button next to the session field. You will be redirected to the eBay login Page to authorize ShipIT.

3) Once you have logged into eBay, you will see our authorization clause, simply click agree to accept, and you will be returned to the eBay settings page.


4) Once you have been redirected you should see your session ID in the field labelled session. Now click the Update button next to the token field. The page will reload and you will now see your token in the field provided.


5) Once you have your session ID and Token, choose the status of the orders you would like to import and click save. To see the status codes, click the 'see codes here' link. You can also choose a set amount of days to import using the get orders field then click Import. Once you have completed the settings page, click the save button once more next to the status field.


6) To import from the shipments page, click the Import button at the top of the page. In the import dialogue box click the eBay check-box, select the number of days you wish to import and then click 'Import'. After a brief load time the dialogue box will display the number of successfully imported orders. Click 'Close' to re-load the shipments page with your newly imported orders.

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