Open Cart Integration

The steps below will guide you through integrating your OpenCart platform with StarShipIT.

Once completed, your order will be imported into StarShipIT and the tracking information will be written back when you print a label.

To get started, you will need to modify the two PHP files with your API keys, then add the file on your website server.  Once the files are added, you will need to enter the path in StarShipIT.

1. Implement the PHP files on your website

  • Please download the files from here.
  • Once downloaded, extract the .zip file. It includes an import.php file and update.php file.
  • Login into your StarShipIT account and get your API Key which is available under Settings > API Key
  • Once you have created your key, enter it into the second line of each file above.
  • Look for $apiKey= "Get key from Settings > API Key"; and replace the part of the = with your key
  • Copy Files to Server:
  • Navigate to your OpenCart server root directory and copy the two files from above into the admin folder.

 2. Enter the path of the PHP files in StarSHipIT

  • In the StarShipIT Main menu Click on Settings > Integration > Add New and select OpenCart from the Add Integration List. 
  • Tick the 'Enabled' checkbox at the top of the page and enter the full URL to the admin folder on your site (i.e.
  • Then click 'Save' to apply your changes.


3. Troubleshooting

 -- My orders are not imported

--> The first step is to verify is that the import.php file is well located and accessible by StarShipIT.  

Try to access the following URL through your browser: -  if the browser is returning a 404 error please go back and redo the previous steps.  

If it returns an execution error, please contact the support team at




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