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Open Cart Integration

To integrate with OpenCart:

1) In the ShipIT Main menu Click on Settings > Integration > Add New and select OpenCart from the Add Integration List. Tick the 'Enabled' checkbox at the top of the page and enter the full URL to the admin folder on your site (i.e. Then click 'Save' to apply your changes.

2)  You are now ready to import your orders from OpenCart. Click the shipments tab at the top of the page in ShipIT. Once you are on the shipments page, click the Import button, select OpenCart and the number of days you wish to import. Then click the 'Import' button at the bottom right. After a brief load time it will display the number of imported orders. Click 'Close' and it will re-load your shipping page with the newly imported orders. You should now see your shipments.


Configuration Open Cart:

1) Download Extension:

Please download the extension from here.

Once downloaded extract the .zip file. It includes an import.php file and update.php file.

2) Set API Key:

Login into your ShipIT account and get your API Key which is available under Settings > API Key

Once you have created your key, enter it into the second line of each file above.

Look for $apiKey= "Get key from Settings > API Key"; and replace the part of the = with your key.

3) Copy Files to Server:

Navigate to your OpenCart server root directory and copy the two files from above into the admin folder.




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