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DHL Global Mail Setup

To setup DHL Global mail: 

To begin the DHL Global integration, download the permission form for DHL here. Once you have filled it out, send it to and we will send it to DHL for processing. Once they have processed it we will update your account details and then contact you to let you know.

Once integrated you will be able to ship orders using your DHL Global Mail account. Any orders shipped with DHL Global Mail will need to be Manifested at the end of the day.

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    Items sent through the SHIP IT system will not receive the first tracking update until the items have been received and processed by DHL eCommerce.

    For example:
    Items manifested through our Web Portal facility will receive an “Order Submitted” track event upon completion of the order.
    Items manifested through SHIP IT won’t receive an “Order Submitted” track event immediately as above, but rather a “ Received and Dispatched” after we have physically processed your item.

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