StarTrack Setup

To use StarTrack you need two API access the first one will allow you to get rates and to print labels, the second will allow you to add tracking

  • Label & Rates - complete steps 1, 2 & 3 below
  • To add Tracking - complete steps 1-3 + step 4

Before starting you must know these details:

  • StarTrack Account number
  • StarTrack API key
  • StarTrack API secret

If you are missing one of this information, please, follow this documentation: How to request your Australia Post API keys

1. Add the API in StarShipIT

  • Go to Settings > Carriers > Add Courier > StarTrack
  • Tick Enable Startrack and Use the API (this should now be enabled for new customers)
  • Fill "StarTrack Account No", "API Key", "API Password"
  • Ignore the rest of the fields.
  • Click Save.



2. Add your Dispatch ID 

Once your API keys are entered in StarShipit you can request your Dispatch ID from your API, in middle of the page click on:"Get your API details"

At the bottom of the response, you will find Merchand_location_id  26XZ; copy the ID in the Dispatch ID field.


3. Add your product code.

To complete the setup of StarTrack you need to enter your product codes, if you don't know your product codes contact your StarTrack Account Manager

  • Click on Add Product code
  • Fill Product code with the Specific code given by Startrack
  • Fill Product name with whatever makes sense to you.
  • Click Add.


 4. If you want to enable tracking

If you want to use Customer Notification & Tracking in StarShipIT you will need to request your MyStarTrack API credentials. 

Complete the eServices agreement below and send to with your StarTrack Web portal Username (HINT: the last digits will be 60) and the Password.

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