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To Enable/Disable Integration Writeback:

The term 'Writeback' refers to the changes made in the eShip environment being returned to an integrated eCommerce platform and updating the orders there. Mainly this just means orders that have been shipped in ShipIThave their statuses updated to 'Shipped' back in the integrated platform.

For example: If you have an order in Magento which is imported imported into eShip. The order has a status of 'Pending' in Magento. Then process the order through eShip. If the 'Enable writeback of tracking number and update status' option in 'Settings'->'Integration's'->'Magento' is checked, it will automatically update the status of the order to 'Complete' in Magento as well as return tracking information for the customer notification. If this selection is NOT checked then the order will remain as a 'Pending' order in Magento and you will have to change the status manually

For Magento write back to be enabled select


Settings > Integration's > Settings 

 Click enable write back of track details. 

Click enable write back of track details.

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