Address Validation

Identifying and Validating incorrect addresses:

Sometimes an address entered into an order does not conform to shipping standards and would normally be impossible to ship without searching for a correction online.


When an order with an address like this is imported by ShipIT is identified by a small symbol on the shipping screen. You can also filter orders by Valid/invalid addresses as shown below.


Validating invalid addresses:

In order to validate an invalid address, click the order with the invalid address and navigate to the 'Destination' tab. On the left hand side you will see an 'Address Lookup' field. Shown below.

Begin typing the address into this field and it will return a list of addresses that match the information typed. When you find the correct address click on it and then click the 'Tick' to the right and it will automatically populate the address fields.

Once the address is updated click 'Save' to apply the changes. If you navigate back to the 'Shipments' page the order will no longer have the 'Invalid address' identifiers.

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