Setting up a Dead Weight box

Boxes can be set up based on a combination of your courier rates, the size of what you ship and/or the weight of what you ship. You can create boxes for Flat Rates, Dead Weights, Standard boxes Satchels or commonly used boxes. ShipIT makes it easy to accommodate they different  ways you ship. 

Setting up Dead Weight box

Dead weight pre defined boxes can be used if your courier charges you on the exact weight of the item your are shipping and not the dimensions. For dead weight shipping ShipIT can auto calculate the weight of the item for you when the order is imported.

To create a dead weight box select  

Settings > Package set up


Select Automatically calculate the package weight from order items this will ensure that eShip will import the weight from your integrated platform and automatically populate the box weight. 

Set the L x W x H to .01

Set the Weight to 0 (the weight will be overwritten by what is imported from the integrated platform).

Boxey but clever!

It’s important to understand that incorrectly set up boxes may result in extra charges by your courier company. Every business has different needs your box set up will be unique to how you ship. Only you know the best set up based on the rates provided by your courier company.  Please double check and make sure your boxes are aligned with the rates your courier is offering you. While we love to help you get set up we will not take any responsibility for charges received from the courier company due to incorrect box set up.


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