[Workarround] How Do I Install & configure PrintNode?

You can directly link your printer to StarShipIT so that instead of a PDF being created the label will be sent straight to your printer. 

You have to define a different printer for every kind of label you want to use i.e. Courier Post, New Zealand Post, Pace. 

First you need to install the print node for Mac do this by selecting  

Settings > Printing

click on Add Print Settings


Select the service you want to set the printer up for

Begin by selecting the Format, set it to PDF

Print method - Print Node (Mac Only)

You will see the download mac tab appear



Install and execute the download Mac tab (https://www.printnode.com/docs/introduction/ )

When Print node is installed you will see a login window asking you for Username and Password .

Please enter the Username and the password  provided on the Eship page : in this exampleeshptest1@gmail.com and Password01


When you correctly login on print node the following icon will be displayed on your computer:


Refresh the print settings page and now in Select Printer drop down menu your printer should be displayed :


All the mapping between your printer and the different labels will be done on the print client.

Select your label printer and click on save settings.

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