Importing orders

You can either configure ShipIT to automatically import orders every ten minutes or you can import orders as required.

1) Automatically importing orders

To set ShipIT to automatically import orders every 10 minutes select,

Settings > Integration

Select Automatically import orders



2) Importing orders manually

To import orders at will click on the Import tab from anywhere within ShipIT. A drop down will appear with the following 3 options.

Import All - this option will import the orders from all the platforms you have integrated

If you select the Import Option you will be able to select the platform/s you would like to import from and the number of days you want to import the orders from .

Status of order

When you set up your platform integration you have the option to select the status of orders to be imported. 

To change your importing status select 

Settings > Integration 

Select your platform (in this case Shopify), select from the drop down the order status you want to import. 


Once imported, the system will show you how many orders it has brought over. 

The imported orders are now visible in the 'Unshipped' page of the 'Shipping' screen.

Importing Weights:

ShipIT can import the combined weight of all the items in an order from any integrated eCommerce platform that allows for the assigning of weights to products. To get ShipIT to automatically import the available weights for orders go to 'Settings'->'Defaults' and then click the 'Import weight from integration source' check-box. For more information on how weights are applied click Here.

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