Updating an imported order

You can easily update imported orders prior to printing the label. To make changes to an order select

Ship > double click on the order

1) Update the contact and address details.

You can update the address details by selecting the destination tab. If the address is incorrect the address validation button will change from valid to Invalid Once you have made the required changes press save. You can also print the label from here. 

2) Update the shipping details


You can update the shipping details by selecting the Shipping tab. To update the order details such as description, SKU, Qty, Shipped, Unit $, Weight, Country, Code, Colour and Size click on the pencil icon to the left of the order. Click the tick to save the changes or the cross to revert to the orginal settings.  

You can also update the details of the box such as weight, height length. You can also select the following options

Sender pays duty
Signature required
Authority to leave
Contains a battery

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