Setting up a Flat Rate box

Boxes can be set up based on a combination of your courier rates, the size of what you ship and/or the weight of what you ship. You can create boxes for Flat Rates, Dead Weights, Standard boxes Satchels or commonly used boxes. ShipIT makes it easy to accommodate they different  ways you ship. 

Setting up Flat Rate box

If your carriers charges are calculated as a flat rate based on weight then you would set up a box for each flat rate weight setting you have. 

Lets assume your carrier offers you a flat rate from 0-5 kgs and a flat rate from 5-10kgs you would need to set up 2 boxes by selecting

Settings > Package set up


Enter 4.9 for the Weight and deactivate Automatically calculate the package weight from order items(we deactivate this so that the actual weight is not imported and just the default weight is used).


Choose the L x W x H that best represents the size of the packages you are sending. We have entered in .1 x .1 x .1 as on a flat rate we are assuming the dimension of the box will not impact the cost of delivering the package. 


You have the option to make this the default box when importing or you can leave it unselected and then choose a box when printing. If it is selected as the default box you can over ride this manually within eShip prior to printing the label. 


You would set up the second box in the same way except with a weight of 9.9.


As you can see we have 2 boxes set up. 


When you come to print (if you have not create one of these boxes as the default) you will have the option to select one of these boxes. If you have created a default box it will be assigned to each order enabling a seamless creation of consignments.  

Boxey but clever!

It’s important to understand that incorrectly set up boxes may result in extra charges by your courier company. Every business has different needs your box set up will be unique to how you ship. Only you know the best set up based on the rates provided by your courier company.  Please double check and make sure your boxes are aligned with the rates your courier is offering you. While we love to help you get set up we will not take any responsibility for charges received from the courier company due to incorrect box set up.

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