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How do I Install & Configure StarShipIT Print Client for Windows?

Print labels directly to the printer for your orders in Windows

1) Download and run the StarShipIT Print Client installer via

2) Click on the "Install" button and the application will start the installing process

3) Start up Print Client application, and sign-in with your StarShipIT login details

4) Go to "Printers" tab, and assign the Label Type to a Printer

5) Click on the assignment row to set the "Paper Size" that matches to the physical label size

6) Log into StarShipIT and go to Settings -> Printing, and click on "Add Print Settings" button

7) Click on the Label Type

8) Use the "PDF" format (Windows Print Client only accept PDF format), Select "Windows Agent" as the Print Method and Select the machine name that you installed the Print Client on, then click on the "Save Settings" button


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