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01 March 2016 - New order dialog box, Wizard and more features

  1. New shipping dialog page
  •     separate address book and street address lookup
  •     ability to save address from dialog
  •     ability to select different pickup location
  •     ability to select to enter the pickup location
  •     carrier and service consolidated into one list
  •     rates provided on selection of service (where available)
  •     packaging type available (for Startrack)
  •     export type available (for NZPost)
  •     button added to move from address to shipping and back (previous it was tabs)
  •     default options are loading for one new shipment (i.e. signature required)
  1. New sign up wizard -added a signup wizard where a new users can select an address and carriers they wish to use
  2. Paperless trade added as an option 'per order' and can be turned on or off in the shipping dialog (DHL Express)
  3. Option to generate a return label is an option 'per order' and is available in the shipping dialog
  4. Added ability to specify a packaging weight. The weight of packaging and be setup under Settings > packaging and then this weight is added to the the shipment packages.
  5. Option to ignore Shopify notes has been added. The notes are imported by default but if these are not required on the labels then this option can be used to not import them.
  6. Orders view UI improvements including the ability to remember the last page and sort column
  7. New CouriersPlease label which includes air freight text
  8. Reporting
  9. Added ability to print SKUS on labels for CouriersPlease, DHL and DHL Global Mail

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