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6 May 2016 - Minor Update

-improved validation for AusPost International addresses.

-added support for AusPost rates via API in Magento, Shopify, etc.

-added company name to address book.

-added timezone to the admin log.

-added support for mutli order writeback when orders are merged.

-fixed Xero date import issue.

-fixed random print location during session.

-fixed carriage ascii field import issue from Zeald.

-fixed issue with adding second package in settings.

-fixed country list filtering in shipment dialog.

-fixed issue with partial shipments and commercial invoice values.

-added support for AusPost multi package returns.

-fixed javascript error in IE when viewing a shipped order.

-fixed issue with .CSV header when importing.

-fixed saving of item weights from shipping dialog.

-added support for Startrack 'legacy' services.

-fixed email label shipping dialog closing issue.

-fixed package weight and dimensions not being reset to defaults in shipping dialog.

-fixed AusPost tracking timezone issues.



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