When to use Re-print, Re-do and Add a shipment

StarShipIT has some very neat features to help make your fulfillment more fulfilling. 


1) Re-print

Coffee spill on your label, paper get stuck in the label printer? No problem within StarShipIT you can re-print any label you have already printed. 


 Select the order > select print in the right hand corner and select re-print shipping. 


2) Re-do 

You use the re-do functionality to replace the existing label you have created. You can use this when you have made a mistake with the order such as entered in the incorrect address.  

Go to the Ship screen > Printed > click on the order > tools and select Redo


Please note if you use this functionality the original label will be marked as deleted. The new label will replace the original label. 


3) Add shipment 

The add shipment functionality is used to clone the ticket you have already created a label for to create a new shipment. You would use this when you are sending the same or similar order to a customer. When you use this feature you end up with 2 shipments the original and the new duplicated shipment. 

Go to the Ship screen > Printed > click on the order > tools and select Add Shipment


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