NetSuite Integration

The steps below will guide you through integrating your Netsuite platform with StarShipIT. Once completed, your order will be imported into StarShipIT and the tracking information will be written back when you print a label.

The first step is to create a web service access in Netsuite for StarShipIT and then enter the user details in StarShipIT.

1. Create a Web Service access in Netsuite

Log into your NetSuite account, and go to "Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Roles -> New" to create a Web Service role

Enter role name as "StarShipIT Integration Role"


Add Permissions for Transactions

  • Fulfill Orders (Full Level)
  • Item Fulfillment (Full Level)
  • Sales Order (Full Level)

Add Permissions for Lists

  • Items (Full Level)

Add Permissions for Setup

  • Web Services (Full Level)

Click the "Save" button to create the role

Go to "Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Users" to create or edit an existing NetSuite user, and assign "StarShipIT Integration Role" access

Go to "Setup -> Integration -> Web Services Preferences", and assign the NetSuite user with Web Service role

Note: Please write down the Web Service Account Id, and Web Service Role Id for later use


  • Account Id 3778817
  • Web Service Role Id 1035

Go to "Setup -> Integration -> Manage Integrations -> New" to create a new Integration to generate the Application Id for later use


2. Enter your Web Service user details in StarShipIT

Log into StarShipIT and go to Settings -> Integration -> Add New -> NetSuite

Enter your NetSuite Username, NetSuite Password, Web Service Account Id, Web Service Role Id from the previous steps and click on the "Save" button


3. Custom field import

StarShipIT can now import the following information from Netsuite;

  • Delivery Instructions
  • Authority To Leave 
  • Signature Required
  • Shipping Method

In order to be imported,  this information needs to be stored in a custom field. This custom field must respect the following naming convention:

  • Delivery Instruction: custbody_delivery_instructions (Text Custom Field)
  • ATL: custbody_authority_to_leave (Boolean Custom Field)
  • Signature Required: custbody_signature_required (Boolean Custom Field)
  • Shipping Method: SalesOrder.shipMethod

If you have any issues with this, please contact our support team:

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