CIN7 Integration

The steps below will guide you through integrating your CIN7 platform with StarShipIT.  Once completed, your order will be imported into StarShipIT and the tracking information will be written back when you print a label. 

NOTE: The integration has been built by CIN7.  If the information imported into StarShipIT is not mapped properly, please contact CIN7 support.

1. Activate StarShipIT in Cin7.  

  • Log into Cin7 with your administrator's login
  • Hover over your username in the top right corner of the screen and select the "Settings" option in the dropdown
  • Click on "Select Integrations"
  • Tick the "StarShipIT" module and click "Create"
  • Then in the settings page, you should see "StarShipIT Settings" under the "Integrations" header
  • Click on this link and leave this page open as you will need to copy and paste the 2 values on the page into StarShipIT.

For more information, you can see the documentation build by CIN7: connecting-cin7-to-starshipit

2. Copy the information in StarShipIT:

  • In StarShipIT go to Settings>Integration>Add New>Cin7.
  • And complete Cin7 Username and Cin7 Key with the information gathered in step 1.



3. Troubleshooting

-- I click on test connection and I get invalid credentials error message

Please double check that you have copied the correct information in StarShipIT and check that you have properly saved the information in CIN7 


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