Paperless Transfer - PLT


Paperless Trade (PLT) is a service offered by DHL Express to transfer the Shipping documents (Archive Label + Custom Invoice) electronically to customs.

To use PLT you need to be PLT approved by DHL Express, If you are not; the system will return an error when you print.

How to activate PLT

Go to settings>Carrier>DHL Express Settings.

Deactivate the option : "Generate Archive Label (Check only if using PLT and you need the archive)"

Select the option :  "Paperless Trade (PLT - sends invoice and archive electronically)"

Press Save.


You have now activated the PLT option, when you print an order only the AWB will be print out.

Attache the AWB to your package and the rest of the documentation will be sent to DHL Express automatically. What a great service thank you DHL Express - now that is what we call Ship'appiness! 


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