How do I set up Multi Workstation ?

If you would like to set-up a multi workstation to allow more staff to work simultaneously, you create multiple workstation using StarShipIT. 



You have multiple computers using StarShipIT with only one printer.

On the main computer set-up :

  • Printer
  • Print Client

The other computers will use the same logins.

Limitation : The main computer (and the print client) have to be running all the time.



If you have multiple computers running multiple label printers.

You need to create a Multi Workstation (Available only on Pro Plan) per printer. Settings>Child Account>ADD> Select Multi Workstation. 

A multi workstation is an account with its own credentials, and printing parameter. This account sees the orders of the main account and uses the courier account of the main account.

The first computer :

  1. StarShipIT Login
  2. Print client using StarShipIT login
  3. Printer

Second computer

  1. Workstation login
  2. Print client using multi-Workstation login
  3. Printer

etc .......



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